London Time with Ava

Posted by Tim March 21st, 2011

I’m in London today, came up on the train from Southampton yesterday and stayed at the fantastic MIC Hotel at Euston. Great rooms, really quiet and a breakfast to really fill your tummy!

I’ve already had a quick cup of coffee with Ava (Ava Easton, CEO of the Encephalitis Society) and now she has gone off for a morning meeting before we meet up again for a review of the 2011 plans. I have to admit to being really excited with some of the news I’m going to be able to impart. I’ve been really lucky in securng a fantastic venue for a corporate event and I have lots of other ideas up my sleeve.

There’s lots to talk about and I’ve been very organised and prepared an agenda (otherwise I’ll start talking, talk nonstop for about 3 hours and at the end of it Ava will think she’s been beaten up with a baseball bat), I’ve printed off 2 copies and they’re in my bag with all the other exciting things to share.

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