Encephalitis Society News Letter

Charity | Posted by Tim March 15th, 2011

The Encephalitis Society publishes a regular newsletter which gives valuable information and updates on the charity, resources and events which can assist those affected by Encephalitis, both directly or indirectly.

The Spring Edition is now available.

You can download the Newsletter at the link below


Neuropathic Pain or a Revolution of Forgotten Memories?

Updates | Posted by Tim March 13th, 2011

OK, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve got the head pain from hell. You can’t really call it a headache as it’s different in so many ways. The Neurologists call it neuropathic pain which doesn’t tell you much really.

I’ve been awake with this since 4.00am, there’s nothing that can be done, like a migraine it’s really difficult to focus, I become very sensitive to light and smell.

For me the intensity is pretty constant throughout the episode and not much works to relieve it. When it’s this bad it’s accompanied by vomiting which I think is just due to the severity of the pain; the problem is the physical act of being sick makes the pain more acute, so it becomes a vicious circle.

The bizarre thing that has been occurring recently as a result of these ‘episodes’ is I regain memories that I lost due the Encephalitis. In the most recent episode a few weeks ago I remembered lots of completely useless information from when my parents owned a dog-boarding kennels in a place called Barton Stacey; I remembered that they used to employ a Kennel Maid called Lynne who owned a King Charles Spaniel called Cleo who had hip dysplasia and some other very random things that everyone else in the family had forgotten.

It’s as if the lost memories that have been locked away for so long suddenly riot in my head and have a little revolution, burning villages and taking no prisoners until they become valid and useable memories again.

It’s quite a good end result but I have to question the methodology of these memories to become recognised.

For more information on Neuropathic Pain click on the following link (I accept no responsibility for external links or the information provided there) http://www.brainandspine.org.uk/helpline/information_sheets/neuropathic_pain/

So excited I can’t concentrate

Updates | Posted by Tim March 11th, 2011

I’m so excited about the blog and everything I’m unable to concentrate or focus on anything! Lots to say but having a brain rush which is causing my mind to leap around madly like a box of frogs!

Steep Learning Curve

Updates | Posted by Tim March 11th, 2011

Huge thanks have to go to Mark for all his hard work and patience on getting my pages up and running. I’m a pretty fussy kind of guy so after a few changed minds and rethinks on my part he’s done an amazing job of getting it online so quickly.
Finkk and Dotty as usual were there behind the scenes propping me up and the logo was her design which is fantastic, particularly taking into account it was done while hungover and having been woken from her Siesta!

Hello world!

Updates | Posted by Tim March 10th, 2011

So it’s 2011! I know that because I have a calendar on my desk… I have calendars everywhere…

You see I don’t remember dates or years… I have no concept of what year we’re living in or in what year events happened, Good or Bad!

I have set myself some major goals for this year and over the forthcoming weeks and months these will be revealed to everyone

I’m really excited about it all and just hoping and praying that I have the confidence, stamina and ‘cajones’ to carry them all out!

Enceph Survivor

A few months before I had Encephalitis